Pre School Classes

Introducing our youngest students to the world of dance through our 2 stage Pre-school programme. 

Guaranteed to bring smiles, laughter and excitement, where you’re little one will be asking when their next class is! 

Tiny Footsteps™, 18-36months:

Friday, St Andrews, 9.30-10am

Saturday, St Marks, 8.45-9.15am and 9.15-9.45am

An early introduction to Ballet repertoire , where you and your little one can enjoy a magical class of imagination, movement and musical development, aimed towards introducing basic motor skills, within a social setting. 

Our ‘Tiny Footsteps’ pre-school programme has been specially created by Georgina, drawing on her own experience of parenthood, and welcoming our youngest students to develop their very own ‘Tiny Footsteps’.

A chance for parent/ carer to share their Childs first ballet experience, interacting together and capturing those first dancing memories- as well as making friends with others within the class! 

Dinky Dancers™ Aged 3 – 4 years

Tuesday, 2.30-3pm Surbiton Tennis Club Methodist, Manor Drive, KT5 8NE

Friday, 10-10.30am St Andrews Maple Road 

Saturday, St Marks Hall, 9.45-10.15am

Our very popular pre-school ballet classes which are the perfect preparation for the year before starting primary school.

Classes encourage children to be confident and independent in their movement and musical abilities, trying their ‘pony gallops’ , ‘skips’ and other basic motor movements, dancing along with big smiles to engaging musical tracks. Children’s imaginations are encouraged through magical ballet stories and routines, skipping through ballet steps with ease.  The children learn basic ballet steps , an introduction to poise and good posture, but also life long principles and social skills which will serve them well as they approach the school age.